Partnership for Knowledge (PFK)


Platform 2 Event in Milan, 17 January 2020

Partnership for Knowledge (PfK) is a higher education initiative of the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development aimed at providing life-changing opportunities to researchers, public administration officers, social entrepreneurs and young leaders who are committed to developing their professional and academic skills; strengthening their capacities; widening their networks; making a difference in their home contexts and experiencing the Italian culture.

The programme, funded in years 2019-2022 by the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development in partnership with several Italian universities, offers a number of Master of Science scholarships and PhD fellowships in the following thematic domains, grouped in four academic platforms:

  • Rural development and Spatial management
  • Health, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene – W.A.S.H.
  • Sustainable energy, Environment and Industrial innovation
  • Cultural heritage and Sustainable tourism

The University of Pavia is the coordinator of the “Health and W.A.S.H.” (Water Sanitation and Good Hygiene) platform, in partnership with the Universities of Brescia, Parma, Turin, Trieste and Rome “La Sapienza”. The project lasts three years, starting from the Academic Year of 2019/2020, and includes the assignment of scholarships to students that come from priority countries for international cooperation. It includes the attendance of Master’s Degrees and PhD. The 19 selected students come from the following countries: Ethiopia, Jordan, Pakistan, Palestine and Sudan, and are distributed among the Italian partner Universities of the project. Students will have a complete exemption from University fees during all the attendance period. Pavia hosts six students coming from Palestine, Sudan and Jordan, who are following the courses in English: PhD in genetics and Molecular Biology and Translational Medicine and Master’s Degrees (Molecular Biology and Genetics e Economics, Finance and International Integration).

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