Università di Pavia shares new Implementation and Action Plan 2023-2030 for Africa

Università di Pavia renews its commitment to Africa’s development with new Implementation and Action Plan 2023-2030 for Africa. The project consists not only in academic activities but aims to  engage in activities with the communities it serves across Africa. Complex challenges require a multidisciplinary approach and Università di Pavia collaborates

with Unversities and local partners in various fields such as engineering, agriculture, public health and social sciences in order to face these challenges. Research and collaboration between ours and african Universities have always been uniting elements. Università di Pavia through CICOPS has a long history of  scholarships; since 1996 we count 102 students and professors who have partecipated at projects here in Pavia. This strong collaboration between Università di Pavia and universities across Africa is essential to share knowledge and expertise that  can  be used to face everyday issues. Thanks to EU funds from Erasmus+ projects and the collaboration with AICS – Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, Università di Pavia, through CICOPS and GLOBEC plays a main role in contributing to the progress of development activities in a lot of African countries. With this plan the University intensifies its effort to create a sustainable, inclusive and thriving Africa.



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