UNLOCKING POTENTIAL: Assessing Europe-Africa Research Partnerships Report

This report presents the results of a survey submitted to African researchers participating in the CICOPS fellow program and carried out in April 2024. Its objective was to gather data concerning research collaborations among African CICOPS fellows and universities or institutions in Europe and Africa. The specific focus was on the differences between Africa-Africa and Europe-Africa collaborations, how to rebalance these differences, the actions to strengthen collaboration between Europe and Africa, the professional benefits from the CICOPS scholarship, and the objectives and the activities of a possible forum established by CICOPS and involving its fellows.

Understanding the characteristics of collaboration between European and African universities and intra- African collaborations in research is essential for maximising the impact, efficiency, and equity of research efforts, ultimately contributing to advancing knowledge and addressing societal challenges on both continents.

CICOPS and professor Maria Sassi, who conducted the report, sincerely thank all the CICOPS Fellows for their kind responses that allowed the creation of this report.



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