Prof. Gian Battista Parigi president of CICOPS, reconfirmed for the presidency of the association SISTERR

The annual ordinary assembly of the Sistema Territoriale Pavese per la Cooperazione Internazionale (SISTERR Pavia) took place on Saturday 22nd April, 2023. Prof. Gian Battista Parigi, president of CICOPS , has been reconfirmed for the presidency of the association.

The new board of directors for the three-year period 2023 – 2026 was also elected, which will be composed of Marta Ada Fossati, Attilio Meoli, Emanuele Corsico Piccolini, Elena Marigo and Giovanni Belloni.

SISTERR is an association founded in 2014 with the aim of creating a lasting link between public and private non-profit organizations that, in the territory of the province of Pavia, deal, in different ways, with Development Cooperation. In 2023SISTERR will be engaged in the project “Bethlehem SMART City- Environmental Monitoring System and Technological Renewal in the city of Bethlehem” alongside the leader of the Municipality of Pavia and the other bodies involved.