Projects of Italian Universities with Africa

Thanks to the collaboration between CRUI (Conferenza dei Rettori Università Italiane),CUCS (Coordinamento Universitario per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo), and the Comitato Promotore Expo 2030 Roma, a publication has been created to enhance the excellences and project perspectives of universities – in terms of education, research, and relationships – with African countries.

The collection of projects has been organized along three main directions: Higher Education, Research for local development, Scientific Diplomacy, and Territorial Cooperation. Through the DaBaCU-University Cooperation Database (developed by the universities of Pavia, Trento, and Polytechnic of Milan), information provided by the universities on projects active with Africa since 2015 has been gathered.

The document is dedicated to all African countries and presents over 210 projects from fifty Italian universities to promote scientific collaboration with Africa, exploring new models of cooperation towards common sustainable development.

Each university has selected the 5 project sheets with the broadest prospects for replicability and expansion of the African partnership.

The University of Pavia has presented the following projects:

  1. Cooperation with Africa Hospitals: professional interaction with the hospitals of Bukavu (DR Congo), Ayamé (Ivory Coast), Ziguinchor (Senegal), Lacor (Uganda), Chirundu (Zambia);
  2. Master in Cooperation and Development;
  3. Capacity Building in Agricultural High Education Cultivating Excellence: Empowering Agricultural Education;
  4. CICOPS Scholarships and Fellowships project: Scholarships and Fellowships addressed to researchers from Developing Countries;
  5. SAHA Project: Raise Libyan Higher Education health sector for the benefit of local society.

Attached is the document “EXPO 2030 Roma for Africa Project for a Common Growth”: