CICOPS Fellows – 2019

Orkjonselege Alyeksandr
National University of Mongolia (Mongolia)
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, in collaboration with Professor Francesco Zucca



Chanyalew Seyoum Aweke
Haramaya University (Ethiopia)
Department of Economics and Management, in collaboration with Professor Maria Sassi



Jean De Dieu Nkapkop
University of Ngaoundere (Cameroon)
“A DNA-based chaos algorithm for an efficient image encryption application” Department of Electrical computer and Biomedical, in collaboration with Professor Luca Lombardi

Nkapkop: DNA-based Chaos Algorithm


Kiflom Kahsay Michael
Research and Documentation Center (Eritrea)
Department of Political and Social Sciences, in collaboration with Professor Massimo Zaccaria



Md Mustakimur Rahman
Notre Dame University Bangladesh
“Transitional justice trials in Bangladesh and East Timor: a comparative study between domestic and hybrid tribunals”  Department of Law, in collaboration with Professor Cristina Campiglio

Rahman: Transitional Justice Trials


Anthony Ireri
Kenyatta University (Kenya)
“A Research Visit to the LAG Lab at the University of Pavia” Department of Brain and Behavioral Sciences”, in collaboration with Professor Lavinia Barone

Ireri: A Research Visit


Jerry Ochola
Moi University (Kenya)
“Femoral Bone Diaphyseal Fracture Repair using Braided Structures: Biomechanical Modeling & Finite Element Analysis” Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, in collaboration with Professor Michele Conti

 Ochola: Femoral Bone Diaphyseal Fracture Repair


Navin Singh
King George’s Medical University (India)
“Dosimetry challenges in adjacent field matching for scanning particle beams” Department of  Clinical – Surgical, Diagnostic and Pediatric Sciences, in collaboration with Professor Lorenzo Preda

Singh: Dosimetry Challenges


Lemma Tsegaye Demsis
Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute (Ethiopia)
Department of Electrical Computer and Biomedical,  in collaboration with Professor Paolo Ettore Gamba



Alejandro Javier Paredes
National University of Córdoba (Argentina)
“What is Research in Pharmaceutical Technology?”  Department of Drug Sciences, in collaboration with Professor Carla Caramella

Paredes: Research in Pharmauceutical Technology


Sajid Iqbal
University of Engineering and Technology (Pakistan)
“Chaotic dynamics and nonlinear time-series analysis” Department of Electrical computer and biomedical, in collaboration with Professor Tullio Fracchinetti

Sajid: Chaotic Dynamics


Aleksandra Dramicanin
University of Belgrade (Serbia)
Department of Drug Science, in collaboration with Professor Adele Papetti




Pamela Pennington
Universidad del Valle de Guatemala (Guatemala)
Department of Biology and Biotechnology, in collaboration with Giuliano Gaspari




Angela Yaneth Landinez Torres
Fundación Universitaria Juan de Castellanos (Colombia)
“Soil fungal biodiversity in high- Andes in Colombia: the potential use of the soil microbiota in the improvement agro-environment”
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, in collaboration with Solveig Tosi



Kassim Jimale
Somali National University (Somalia)
Department of Public Health, Neuroscience, Experimental and Forensic Medicine, in collaboration with Simona Villani



Marcelo Paleologo F. Santos
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Department of Physics, in collaboration with Dario Gerace